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Reinvent teaching with interactive escape games

Use Rakura to transform education towards innovative interactive content solutions. Start your education journey today!

Turning learning into an adventure

Our platform helps you transform classic lessons into interactive, captivating and educational escape games. With Rakura, learning becomes an exciting adventure, encouraging students to develop their problem-solving, critical thinking and collaborative skills. Each escape game is a unique opportunity to immerse students in a world where curiosity and exploration go hand in hand with the acquisition of knowledge. Join us in transforming classrooms into playful, educational adventure spaces, where every student is the hero of his or her own quest for knowledge.

Pedagogical benefits

Escape games stimulate engagement and active learning, promoting better memorization and understanding of the subjects covered.

Ease of use

Rakura is designed to be intuitive, enabling teachers of all technical skills to easily create exciting educational games.


Teachers can adapt escape games for any subject or level, making the tool versatile and applicable to a variety of teaching contexts.

Collaboration and sharing

Rakura encourages collaboration between teachers and students, facilitating the sharing of knowledge and educational resources.

Don't wait any longer, Rakura is here for you!

It's time to turn your ideas into exciting realities! Join Rakura today and start creating interactive content. Discover the power of interactive creation today!