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Create more interactive content than ever before

Use our innovative solution to create interactive content.
Discover how to transform corporate communication into a captivating experience.

Interactive content

Explore our advanced features: intuitive creation, multiple integrations, and customizable options. Rakura is designed to energize your corporate content.

For all uses

Whether for training, marketing or internal communications, Rakura adapts to your needs. See how companies like yours are using our tool to succeed.

See an example of an interactive sales brochure

You like numbers? So do we!

Analyze the performance of your content

Measure the impact of your creative and discover how your audiences interact with your content, get valuable data on user engagement, and adjust your strategies for maximum performance. Our analytics tools give you a clear view of what's working, enabling you to continually optimize your campaigns. Start creating smart content with Rakura now, and turn every interaction into a growth opportunity.

Don't wait any longer, Rakura is here for you

It's time to turn your ideas into exciting realities! Join Rakura today and start creating interactive content. Discover the power of interactive creation today!

Need to create a game?

If you have an idea or a project for an escape room, Rakura is perfectly equipped to make it happen. Our platform is designed to turn your creative visions into exciting gaming adventures. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your project. Our team is ready to support you in the creation process, providing you with the necessary tools and support to bring your idea to life. With Rakura, bringing your personalized escape room to life is within reach. Let us help you turn your concept into a memorable interactive experience.